Restorative Action

R.A.F.T. - Restorative Action Facilitators Trainers...Like a RAFT, bridging communication and connection in times of conflict and uncertainty.

Experiencing conflict or differences?  When handled restoratively it can provide opportunities for improved social connection.  When left unresolved disagreements can expand into hurting relationships and fractured communities.

Restorative Action serves the youth and school community by partnering with the Abbotsford School District to provide mediation skills and facilitation, helping you repair harm and restore peace to relationships with respect, integrity, accountability, connection, empathy and courage.

When to consider Restorative Action:

Relationship issues amongst students :

  • dating/break ups, friendships, inclusion/exclusion which often present as:
  • Withdrawl, name calling, high levels of competition, rumors, gossip, threats, lying, mocking, teasing, taunting, harassment and other verbal aggression.
  • Physical aggression (pushing, shoving), fighting, gang-like behaviours.
  • Vandalism, theft, and other mischiefs.
  • To further establish relationship and classroom culture, maximizing learning environments.
  • Intrapersonal Conflicts:
  • Youth struggling to build social relationship or achieve personal goals as a result of conflict.
  • Complex conflicts that involve outside stakeholders who are impacting in-school conflict.
  • Bullying issues: emotional, physical, social, cyber, and the responsibilities of observers and bystanders.

Restorative Action (RA) aims to restore community connections through:

  1. Mediation - Conflict Resolution, Intervention and Facilitated Agreements.
  2. i.C.O.D.E. - Circles of Dialogue and Engagement to increase social competencies and positive guidelines for behaviours.
  3. i.C.O.D.E. Coach - Real-time mentoring: conflict coaching that empowers youth in agreement success and self-directed conflict management practices.
  4. Anti-Bullying - Interventions, strategies and skills to address needs identified through ARJAA's 'Safe Schools Safe Students Survey', funded by the Vancouver Foundation, developed by UFV, and administered in SD34 Middle Schools.

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