Indigenous Support Team

Indigenous Services at Abby Middle:

Here at Abby Middle School we have an awesome Indigenous Program! 

Ms. Douglas and Mr. Byron work together to ensure that our students feel safe and have a sense of belonging;  that they get the social/emotional support they need in order to concentrate. They can attain one on one and/or group academic support in order to excel in their studies; and they also learn about Indigenous culture.   

Our program offers our students several cultural/educational activities in which presenters go right into their classrooms,  as well as  cultural presentations in our own Indigenous room.  We take our Indigenous students on fieldtrips each year.  We offer Halq’emeylem Language lessons, and integrate cultural teachings into our curriculum, like math lessons using dream catchers to learn about angles.  Last, but not least, we offer a morning breakfast club for those students in need.  In addition to all of the above, the Indigenous Support Staff team give daily academic support as well as social emotional support as needed.

Our focus for our Indigenous program is to give our students the tools socially and emotionally, and the education  culturally and academically, to have confidence in themselves,  to be proud of their Indigenous heritage,  to have the skill set needed to graduate, and finally, to know that they all have bright futures ahead of them!