2023 Volleyball Season Now Over

Grade 6 Volleyball teams

Grade 6 girls coaches -  Ms. Baranowsky, Mrs. Joseph, Mrs. Mathew, & Ms. Toor

Grade 6/7 boys coach - Mr. Kring & Mr. Michaud

Grade 7 Volleyball Teams

Grade 7 girls coaches - Mrs. Recktenwald & Ms. Park

  • Monday at lunch and/or every other after school 2:45 - 4:00
  • Friday Mornings at 7:00AM 
  • GAME DAY Wednesdays after school 

Grade 8 Volleyball teams

Grade 8 Girls coach – Mr. Heppner & Ms. Chapman

Grade 8 Boys coaches – Mr. Hammermueler & Ms. Madill

Fees are paid through SchoolCash Online.  If you have any questions, about SchoolCash Online, contact Ms. Heinrichs.

Fees charged for sports are for referee, registration, transportation, and uniform costs.  The amounts may vary for different grade levels and different sports.