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News: Sunday, May 5th, 2019

Grade 6 Red Carpet Movie Event!

Packed with fun and glamour the Grade 8 Husky Heroes hosted a Red Carpet Movie Event for the Grade 6's complete with a red carpet! Grade 6 students were welcomed with a walk down the red carpet, a bag of popcorn and giant cheers from our Grade 8 Husky Heroes. 

Why?  Who doesn't like to throw a party?  The Grade 6 students had an event dedicated to dressing up, feeling feeling speciall, having  fun and most important building on their sense of belonging at Abby Middle.  Even cooler is hat the Grade 8 Husky Heross wanted to create something special for their fellow Huskies. The Husky Heroes benefit too, not just from the feeling of giving to others but any student as they head off to be part of leadership at their future high school they benefit from their leadership experiences.  They learned about all the roles involved in hosting a big event, how to be organized, picking up the slack if needed, getting supplies and then pulling it off.  All involved did a fantastic job and were able to  enjoy the fruits of their labours as they enjoyed the big smilles on the Grade 6 students faces as they enjoyed the event.  Way to go Husky Heroes!