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News: Friday, May 4th, 2018

Congratulations to our 2018 World Scholar’s Cup Winners!

Abbotsford Middle School students participated in our first World Scholar’s Cup-Vancouver Round on April 14 and 15 at Mulgrave School.  It was a fun and fantastic event for all who attended.  Our students are to be commended on their outstanding achievements. Please see the following list for the medal winners and categories. Well done teams!!!

2018 World Scholar’s Cup-Vancouver Round, April 13 & 14


Scholar’s Bowl-Junior Honour Medal: Team Event-Saaya with 2 teammates from Mulgrave

Debate Champions- Junior Honour Medal: Mia 

Writing Champions-Junior Honour Medal: Mia  
First Place: Stella  

Challenge Subject Winners- Junior Division:

Special  Area: Cayden  

All  Subjects: Gurarmaan  

Challenge Arts Winners: Gurarmaan, Carmen & Cayden  

Challenge Arts Junior Medals:
Silver: Anni & Saaya 

Challenge Social Studies-Junior Honour Medals: Mantoj, Carmen, Zoe and Saaya
Bronze: Cayden 

Challenge History Junior Honour Medals: Cayden 
Silver: Anni 
Challenge Literature-Junior Honour Medals: Carmen 
Bronze: Stella 
Silver: Cayden & Mantoj

Challenge Science-Junior Honour Medals: Cayden
Bronze: Anni

Challenge Special Area- Junior Award Medals: Stella & Saaya
Silver: Anni 

Challenge All Subjects-Junior Honour Medals: Zoe, Stella, Mantoj, Carmen, Saaya & Anni 
Bronze: Cayden

Top Challenge Team- Junior Medal:
First Place: Team: Gurarmaan; Cayden; Anni 

School Top Scholars: Stella & Ethan

Champion Scholars: Saaya; Anni; Cayden; Gurarmaan; Stella 

Champion Team Countdown: Team: Gurarmaan; Cayden; Anni