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First Day of School

First day of School for students is Thursday, September 10th, 2020.

Students will be welcomed back to class for orientation Sept. 10 and will use their orientation time to get familiar with classrooms that will look different than they did before the pandemic. Students will be assigned to their class, find out who is in their learning group, practise their new routines and familiarize themselves with how to safely move from the class to outdoor and common areas of the school.

For those wondering about supplies, only a pen or pencil is required for Thursday.

Class lists will be posted before Thursday, September 10th. Please be reminded that these are tentative placements. Changes will be made through next week at all grades, and the Grade 6 class lists will change drastically as permanent classes are created for early next week. Please use this week as an opportunity to connect with old friends while meeting new ones as you develop skills that will last throughout the year.