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Blog: Friday, January 18th, 2019

Something for Everyone at Abby Middle

The students at Abby Middle represent an incredibly diverse group of ethnicities, learning styles, and interests. While teachers work tirelessly to meet learning needs through the MYP program, there are also numerous ways that all the staff at Abby Middle strive to find kids’ passions and let them shine. Into music? Our band is filled with kids from all grades, and there are always students in the band room at lunch and after school. And our newly created guitar club is offering yet another musical outlet for those kids who want to try a new instrument. Feeling artistic? Wandering through the art room at any time during the day, one can quickly see those students who have found their way to express themselves through drawing or painting or sculpting – a way they may not have found before coming here.

Our kinesthetic learners are flourishing in the woodworking room, where students are finding physical ways to show their learning - where the smell of sawdust and the product in their hands is a tangible reward for perseverance. Likewise, in the computer lab, where students with a more technological inclination spend hours outside of class time, practicing coding and animation. Of course, Abby Middle has long been known for its strong sports programs, but for those students who would prefer just to play casually, there are also recreational sports teams where kids can learn a new skill and have fun. And for those students with more of a leadership bent, groups like the Builder’s Club and our Husky Heroes offer the chance both to help others, and to organize exciting events for the school. The most amazing part of all these opportunities is that they are supported by teachers, education assistants, office staff, and admin who just have a desire to help kids grow and find what they are passionate about. That is what makes Abby Middle so special.

Kari Petzold, Vice-Principal