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Blog: Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Celebrating Sarah Born

Sarah Born is the face of Abby Middle, working as an Intermediate Administrative clerk for the last two years. She greets visitors with a smile and warmly welcomes students throughout the day. She is quite literally the most prominent member of the Abby Middle staff, encountering hundreds of people each and every day, and demonstrating Husky Pride throughout these interactions. She is an invaluable support for staff, parents and students alike. Sarah is always available to offer help in whatever is needed, not matter how large or small it might be. She handles the many complications and interruptions of her job with ease and is a multi-tasking master. When faced with a challenging task, she is an innovative problem solver and has created several invaluable data management systems within the school. Sarah is fantastic at what she does, both in her work with tasks and with people.  Sarah is a true difference maker and Abby Middle would not be the same without her. Thank you Sarah for all that you do and for your service with a smile!    

Principal, Abbotsford Middle