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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Phone Email
Mr. Jamie Beck Principal Extension 3201
Mrs. Kari Petzold Vice Principal Extension 3202
Ms. Alison Draney Sr. Administrative Assistant Extension 3207
Mrs. Sarah Born Student Records and Reception Extension 3208


Name Position Div Phone Email
Ms. Dana Element ELL (Mon - Wed) Extension 3248
Miss Jennifer Seymour Art/Home Economics Teacher Extension 3233
Mr. Ryan Dunford Design Teacher Extension 3235
Mrs. Alexandra Howie Design Teacher Extension 3231
Mr. Richard Willems ELL Extension 3248
Mrs. Christie Fehlauer Gr 6 Teacher B16 Extension 3238
Miss Laura Inglis Gr 6 Teacher A16 Extension 3236
Ms. Lauren Krenz Gr 6 Teacher A26 Extension 3237
Mrs. Lauren Mactavish Gr 6 Teacher D26 Extension 3240
Mr. Shawn Mani Gr 6 Teacher C16 Extension 3241
Ms. Shelley Putman Gr 6 Teacher C26 Extension 3245
Ms. Paige Ready Gr 6 Teacher D16 Extension 3242
Mrs. Jennifer Vallance Gr 6 Teacher B26 Extension 3239
Mrs. Brandi Kamiya Gr 6 Teacher (spring 2021) A26 Extension 3237
Ms. Shannon Benmore Gr 7 Teacher F17 Extension 3218
Mr. Lucas Crichton Gr 7 Teacher F27 Extension 3216
Mr. Steve Kring Gr 7 Teacher G17 Extension 3215
Ms. Taryn Lawrence Gr 7 Teacher G27 Extension 3243
Mrs. Marsha Legault Gr 7 Teacher E37 Extension 3213
Mr. Eric Morettin Gr 7 Teacher E27 Extension 3227
Mr. Trevor O'Neill Gr 7 Teacher E17 Extension 3219
Mr. Matthew Born Gr 8 Teacher K18 Extension 3230
Mr. Rick Dool Gr 8 Teacher J18 Extension 3211
Ms. Lindsay Hare Gr 8 Teacher I28 Extension 3220
Mrs. Sue Krause Gr 8 Teacher J28 Extension 3210
Miss Tara Landry Gr 8 Teacher K28 Extension 3254
Mr. Chris Lumsden Gr 8 Teacher I18 Extension 3229
Mrs. Erin Perry Gr 8 Teacher H28 Extension 3221
Mrs. Michelle Ronning Gr 8 Teacher H18 Extension 3225
Mrs. Kelly Grant IB MYP Co-Ordinator and Reading Specialist Extension 3246
Ms. Kristine Douglas Indigenous Success Teacher
Mr. Khaled Dardir Learning Services Support - Gr 6 Extension 3244
Mr. Brett Michaud Learning Services Support - Gr 7 Extension 3255
Mrs. Staci Mah Learning Services Support - Gr 8 3255
Mr. Graeme Kemp Library Learning Commons Teacher /Technology Co-Ordinator Extension 3235
Mr. Chris Riddell Literacy & Numeracy Support - Gr 7 Extension 3252
Mr. Kyle Leinweber Literacy & Numeracy Support - Gr 8
Mr. Adam Schilt Literacy & Numeracy Support Gr 6 Extension 3244
Ms. Seheem Park LSS - Life Skills Extension 3252
Mr. Jordan Barr LSS Support Extension 3249
Mrs. Janet Kerr LSS Support
Ms. Alyssa Hutchinson Music Teacher Extension 3253


Name Position Phone Email
Mr. Lorne Bartlett Counsellor Extension 3222
Mrs. Allison Blackwell Middle School Mental Health Clinician

Support Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Mrs. Surinder Alamwala Education Assistant
Mrs. Doriana Brewer Education Assistant
Mrs. Kate Brodie Education Assistant
Ms. Sarah Domnich Education Assistant
Ms. Natasha Greenough Education Assistant
Mrs. Louise Hoekstra Education Assistant
Mrs. Kaleigh Klawitter Education Assistant
Ms. Cynthia Kumar Education Assistant
Ms. Avery Legear Education Assistant
Ms. Victoria Parfitt Education Assistant
Ms. Freda Raja Education Assistant
Mrs. Gail Smith Education Assistant
Mrs. Aldy Soto Education Assistant
Ms. Kristin Stockinger Education Assistant
Mr. Brian Townrow Education Assistant
Mr. Terry Crosby Indigenous Support Worker Extension 3217
Ms. Anita Zabotel Indigenous Support Worker
Mrs. Mindy Yeo International Assistant
Ms. Alanna Kemp Library Tech Extension 3228
Mrs. Kelly Earles Youth Care Worker Extension 3222
Ms. Karen Weeks (Hunt) Youth Care Worker Extension 3222