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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Phone Email
Mr. Jasbir Singh Principal Extension 3201 jasbir.singh [at]
Ms. Alison Draney Administrative Assistant - Finance Extension 3207 alison.draney [at]
Mrs. Janine Ebel Administrative Assistant - Student Records Extension 3208 janine.ebel [at]
Mr. Ben Kruger Vice-Principal Extension 3202 ben.kruger [at]


Name Position Div Phone Email
Mrs. Balraj Chadha Arts Education Extension 3233 balraj.chadha [at]
Mr. Ryan Dunford Design Teacher Extension 3235 ryan.dunford [at]
Mrs. Alexandra Howie Design Teacher Extension 3231 alexandra.howie [at]
Mrs. Laurel Matthews ELL Extension 3246 laurel.matthews [at]
Mr. Robert Heppner Gr 6 Teacher A16 Extension 3236 robert.heppner [at]
Mr. Zach Howe Gr 6 Teacher B26 Extension 3239 zach.howe [at]
Mrs. Tabitha Lucas Gr 6 Teacher A26 Ext 3237 tabitha.lucas [at]
Mr. Shawn Mani Gr 6 Teacher C16 Extension 3241 shawn.mani [at]
Mr. Travis Neill Gr 6 Teacher B36 Extension 3240 travis.neill [at]
Ms. Shelley Putman Gr 6 Teacher (Mon, Tues, Fri) C26 Extension 3245 shelley.putman [at]
Ms. Shannon Benmore Gr 7 Teacher E17 Extension 3243 shannon.benmore [at]
Mr. Joshua Friesen Gr 7 Teacher E27 Extension 3242 joshua.friesen [at]
Mr. Steve Kring Gr 7 Teacher G17 Extension 3215 steve.kring [at]
Ms. Taryn Lawrence Gr 7 Teacher G27 Extension 3216 taryn.lawrence [at]
Mrs. Marsha Legault Gr 7 Teacher F27 Extension 3213 marsha.legault [at]
Mr. Trevor O'Neill Gr 7 Teacher D17 Extension 3218 trevor.oneill [at]
Ms. Paige Ready Gr 7 Teacher F17 Extension 3219 paige.ready [at]
Mrs. Kristina Recktenwald Gr 7 Teacher D27 Extension 3227 kristina.recktenwald [at]
Ms. Sandeep Toor Gr 7 Teacher B16 Extension 3238 sandeep.toor [at]
Mr. Matthew Born Gr 8 Teacher K18 Extension 3230 matt.born [at]
Mr. Rick Dool Gr 8 Teacher J18 Extension 3211 rick.dool [at]
Ms. Lindsay Hare Gr 8 Teacher I28 Extension 3220 lindsay.hare [at]
Ms. Harjee Judge Gr 8 Teacher H18 Extension 3225 harjee.judge [at]
Mrs. Sue Krause Gr 8 Teacher J28 Extension 3210 sue.krause [at]
Mr. Kyle Leinweber Gr 8 Teacher K28 Extension 3254 kyle.leinweber [at]
Mr. Chris Lumsden Gr 8 Teacher I18 Extension 3229 chris.lumsden [at]
Mrs. Erin Perry Gr 8 Teacher (Mon, Tues, Fri) H28 Extension 3221 erin.perry [at]
Ms. Kyla Wasylycia Grade 6 teacher (Wed/Thur) C26 Extension 3245 kyla.wasylycia [at]
Miss Laura Inglis IB MYP Co-Ordinator and Reading Specialist Extension 3246 laura.inglis [at]
Mr. Lukas Hammermueller Learning Services Support Extension 3222 lukas.hammermueller [at]
Mr. Brett Michaud Learning Services Support Gr 6 Extension 3244 brett.michaud [at]
Mrs. Lauren Mactavish Library Learning Commons Teacher/Technology Co-Ordinator Extension 3235 lauren.mactavish [at]
Mrs. Michelle Ronning Literacy & Numeracy Support - Gr 8 Extension 3248 michelle.ronning [at]
Mr. Adam Schilt Literacy & Numeracy Support Gr 6 Extension 3244 adam.schilt [at]
Ms. Seheem Park LSS Support Gr 6 Extension 3252 seheem.park [at]
Mrs. Tassanee Sanchez LSS Support Gr 7 Extension 3252 tassanee.sanchez [at]
Mr. Joel Noftle Music Teacher Extension 3253 joel.noftle [at]
Ms. Kristine Douglas Teacher for Indigenous Success Extension 3217 kristine.douglas [at]


Name Position Phone Email
Mr. Chris Hague Counsellor Extension 3255 chris.hague [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Mrs. Surinder Alamwala Education Assistant surinder.alamwala [at]
Ms. Margaret Bors Education Assistant margaret.bors [at]
Mrs. Kate Brodie Education Assistant kate.brodie [at]
Mr. Tyler Brosseau Education Assistant
Ms. Sarah Domnich Education Assistant sarah.domnich [at]
Mrs. Avery Legear Education Assistant avery.legear [at]
Mrs. Sharandeep Poonian Education Assistant sharandeep.poonian [at]
Mrs. Gurmeet Rai Education Assistant gurmeet.rai [at]
Ms. Freda Raja Education Assistant freda.raja [at]
Mrs. Gail Smith Education Assistant gail.smith [at]
Mrs. Aldy Soto Education Assistant aldy.soto [at]
Ms. Kristin Stockinger Education Assistant kristin.stockinger [at]
Mr. Brian Townrow Education Assistant brian.townrow [at]
Ms. Anita Zabotel Indigenous Support Worker anita.zabotel [at]
Ms. Alanna Kemp Library Tech Extension 3228 alanna.kemp [at]
Ms. Jessica Madill Youth Care Worker Extension 239 jessica.madill [at]
Ms. Karen Weeks (Hunt) Youth Care Worker Extension 3222 karen.hunt [at]